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Japan finally put a full stop to the deflationary period it has been going through for the last twenty years or so by making a sharp change of course in the direction of an inflationary economy in 2013. The nation has made large strides towards the implementation of the large-scale monetary easing, fiscal policies, and growth strategy that comprise Abenomics. This was the background of government policy that lay behind the Financial Services Agency°«s announcement of its Stewardship Code in February 2014. The aim of this Code is to raise the corporate value and support the sustained growth of Japanese companies by fostering constructive communication between investors and companies so as to influence the cash positions of Japanese companies in the direction of either positive investment or returns to shareholders. 127 major Japanese institutional investors have indicated their intention to participate. Moreover, the Japanese pension funds (GPIF, etc.), with more than Yn200tn in assets, are moving towards expanding, on the assumption of an inflationary economy, the investment limits for their stock market weightings (up to around 20%). The introduction of the Japanese NISA (Nippon Individual Savings Account/tax-exempt system for small-sum investments) for the individual investors of Japan, who boast the world°«s largest amount of personal savings, is providing further backing for investment in the stock market.

This flow of funds into the stock market is already manifesting itself in a bottoming-out in the share prices of those companies (currently about half of all listed issues) that are trading below book value (i.e. PBR < 1x). As long as Japanese companies conduct proactive IR activities and get their growth strategies across to investors so as to demonstrate their advocacy of the Stewardship Code, we believe that investors will start to revise their attitudes towards the prices of their shares.

Foreign investors are currently the biggest shareholders in the Japanese stock market. The companies that conduct the management of their businesses and their IR activities in ways that are supported by the foreign investors that are the major shareholders in the market are also those that are highly evaluated by Japanese investors (institutional investors, pension funds, and individual investors).

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Given this background, it is absolutely essential that the process of distributing the English language IR materials of Japanese companies to large numbers of foreign investors functions properly. Finantec is currently developing an app version of its existing °∆IR Street°«(no. 1 ranked in Japan) IR portal site. We are launching this as an IR information platform for Japanese companies in the hope that it will be used by large numbers of foreign investors. By downloading this free app, you will be able to see the very latest and constantly updated IR information, share prices, earnings results summaries, analyst reports, and CEO video messages, etc. on your mobile device - in your office, at home, on the move, or even in meetings.

The special feature of this version of the app is that it comes equipped with an IR information request function to make communication between companies and investors easier and more efficient. The app transmits requests from investors directly to companies, thereby demonstrating the critical importance of the dissemination of IR information, and our aim is to continue to increase the number of companies providing information yet further in the future. It is our hope that, by functioning as a site that gathers together those companies that are most proactive towards IR in the Japanese corporate world, we can foster improvement in the quality of the IR of Japanese companies and thereby help to create a positive cycle linked to expansion in corporate value.

In addition to corporate IR information, we shall be providing company research report and monthly market report, in cooperation with Shared Research Inc., an independent research company.

Please look out for the launch of our °∆Japan IR Street°« in October.


CEO and president
Masaki Kai
Finantec Co., Ltd.

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