Analyst Reports

DateCompany nameAnalyst Reports
2/19/2024 SBS Holdings,Inc(2384)
Q&A Sessions at the FY12/23 Financial Results Briefing
2/14/2024 &Do Holdings Co.,Ltd.(3457)
Shared Research Inc. short report on earnings results for the Second Quarter of FY06/2024 has been issued
2/14/2024 Ferrotec Holdings Corporation(6890)
Analyst Report(Shared Research) : Released Q3 FY03/24 results
2/14/2024 Infomart Corporation(2492)
Analyst Report(Shared Research) : Released full-year FY12/23 results
2/13/2024 Earth Corporation(4985)
Analyst Report(Shared Research) : Released full-year FY12/23 results
2/13/2024 MELCO HOLDINGS INC.(6676)
Analyst Report (Shared Research) : Released Q3 FY03/24 results
2/9/2024 Hakudo Co.,Ltd.(7637)
Analyst Report(Shared Research) : Revisions to earnings targets, a change of dividend policy, and a revision to the year-end dividend forecast (increased)
Analyst Report(Shared Research) : Upward revision of dividend forecast
2/9/2024 Carna Biosciences, Inc.(4572)
Analyst Report(Shared Research) : Released full-year FY12/23 results
2/8/2024 Sun Frontier Fudousan Co., Ltd.(8934)
Analyst Report (Shared Research) : Revision to FY03/24 consolidated earnings forecast
Analyst Report(Shared Research): Released Q3 FY03/24 results
2/1/2024 Dream Incubator Inc.(4310)
Analyst Report(Shared Research) : Released Q3 FY03/24 results
2/1/2024 NS TOOL CO.,LTD.(6157)
Analyst Report (Shared Research) : Released Q3 FY03/24 results
1/26/2024 AEON DELIGHT CO.,LTD.(9787)
Analyst Report(Shared Research) : Interview following the Announcement of Financial Results for Q3 FY02/24 [Report Update]
1/25/2024 EPCO Co.,Ltd.(2311)
Analyst Report(Shared Research) : Monthly results for December 2023
1/15/2024 SANYEI CORPORATION(8119)
Analyst Report (FISCO Ltd.)
Analyst Report(KAsset): Asante is striving to stimulate demand through awareness-raising activities amid the challenging business environment, reflecting the changing consumer demand. Expanding its services to transform into a comprehensive service provider that offers solutions to various housing problems.
12/25/2023 ASO INTERNATIONAL, INC.(9340)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Manufacturing orthodontic appliances for 40 years. Expect further progress through globalization and digital transformation!
12/20/2023 Royal Holdings Co., Ltd.(8179)
Q&A Sessions at Small Meeting for Analysts and Institutional Investors on December 5, 2023
12/18/2023 SWCC Corporation(5805)
Summary of Q&A Sessions at the Institutional Investors Meeting (SWCC Value Creation Story: Future Business Growth and Capital Strategies)
12/11/2023 TAKACHIHO KOHEKI CO.,LTD.(2676)
Analyst Report(Sessa Partners) : FY24/3 forecast calls for record-high profits Planning to maintain 100% dividend payout ratio
11/10/2023 Sun Frontier Fudousan Co., Ltd.(8934)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: The leading company in office building revitalization (replanning) in central Tokyo area. Hotel business expanding nationwide to further accelerate growth!
11/1/2023 WATTS CO.,LTD.(2735)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: While the external environment remains challenging, the Company is focused on improving profitability through reforms in both shops and products.
10/16/2023 INTELLEX Co.,Ltd.(8940)
FISCO REPORT (Updated October 2023)
9/20/2023 SBS Holdings,Inc(2384)
Q&A Sessions at the Small Meeting for Institutional Investors on September 13
8/29/2023 TAKACHIHO KOHEKI CO.,LTD.(2676)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : A technology trading company where approximately 40% of the employees are engineers. Aim for further growth with an aggressive medium-term management plan.
Analyst Report(KAsset): The Company continues to grow with its technological and proposal capabilities. Profitability is also expected to improve with high-profitability-business and overseas expansion.
7/12/2023 Yamaichi Uniheim Real Estate Co.,Ltd(2984)
Analyst Report(Live): This term`s focus was on building a foundation to improve profitability
6/7/2023 Estore Corporation(4304)
Analyst Report(KAsset): Digital Transformation (DX) is a great business opportunity that is approaching. With an eye to the future, the company is modifying its revenue model from e-commerce support to incubation. The company is expected to make a big leap in the next fiscal year and beyond.
Analyst Report(Live): Timing of the company`s leap forward slightly delayed due to supply chain disruptions
4/13/2023 BCC Co.,Ltd.(7376)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: Dispatch IT salespeople to both major and mid-sized IT companies through reskilling. Support corporate Digital Transformation (DX) from behind the scenes.
4/6/2023 SOLXYZ Co.,Ltd.(4284)
Analyst Report (Live) : Overcoming the last year`s unfavorable trend to return to the path toward double-digit growth from this year onwards
3/20/2023 Broad-Minded Co.,Ltd.(7343)
Institutional investors and analysts small meeting Q&A summary
3/14/2023 Geolocation Technology,Inc.(4018)
Company Research and Analysis Report March 14, 2023 (Alfinanz)
3/6/2023 CUBE CO., LTD.(7112)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: Looking beyond the golf market. A retailer taking its luxury brands to the world market.
2/10/2023 AnGes, Inc.(4563)
Analyst Report(Shared Research) : Released full-year FY12/22 results
10/27/2022 First-corporation Inc.(1430)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: A general contractor specializing in condominiums with a "Zouchu" method. Expecting the mid-to long-term stable growth through larger projects!
7/29/2022 AGP CORPORATION(9377)
Analyst Report (PrimecomResearch): Evident recovery of business performance thanks to reopening & yen depreciation. The company will also reform the shareholder composition with a total return ratio of 100%!
7/11/2022 AGP CORPORATION(9377)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: Contributing to society with its technological capabilities and environmental responsiveness to support the infrastructure of major airports in Japan,and aiming for continued growth by expanding into domestic and overseas airports and non-airport areas!
6/15/2022 IMAGICA GROUP Inc.(6879)
Q&A sessions at the FY2021 4Q financial results briefing (summary)
3/25/2022 IMAGICA GROUP Inc.(6879)
Analyst Report(KAsset): The only one creative & technological group that offers all kinds of solutions related to videos. Media diversification and globalization provide a chance to make a leap forward!
3/8/2022 SANKO TECHNO CO.,LTD.(3435)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: Japan`s leading post-installation anchor manufacturer. An attractive value stock with stable earnings and dividends!
1/21/2022 NICHIREKI CO.,LTD.(5011)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: No. 1 leading company in the industry that provides an integrated system of research and diagnosis, design and proposal, manufacturing and sales, and construction and management related to road paving, etc.
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : As a creative company that links agriculture and health, contribute to SDGs by growing the fruit and vegetable distribution business
6/18/2021 Global Information,Inc.(4171)
Corporate Research Report (Alfinanz Co., Ltd.) June 18, 2021
6/16/2021 AXIS CO.,LTD.(4012)
[IR STREET REPORT] : Development support company that got listed in Sep. last year. To grow further through the needs for DX + expansion of the corporate group
3/31/2021 Sansei Landic Co.,Ltd(3277)
Analyst report(Sessa Partners) : A year greatly affected by COVID-19: Sales -1% and OP -55%. Aiming for positive growth in sales and profit for FY21/12.
10/28/2020 Digital Information Technologies Corporation(3916)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: Achieved the mid-term management plan ahead of schedule! Launching new service for further growth
Analyst report(KAsset) : Leading termite control company contributing to maintenance and extension of housing lifetime