Analyst Reports

DateCompany nameAnalyst Reports
9/16/2021 INTELLEX Co.,Ltd.(8940)
FISCO REPORT (Updated September 2021)
9/15/2021 SBS Holdings,Inc(2384)
Held on September 8, Small Mitting, an institutional investor Q&A minutes
9/13/2021 ipet Holdings,Inc.(7339)
Analyst Report(Shared Research): Interview following the Announcement of Financial Results for Q1 FY03/22 [Report Update]
9/13/2021 Infomart Corporation(2492)
Analyst report(Shared Research) : Interview following the Announcement of Financial Results for Q2 FY12/21 [Report Update]
9/9/2021 GCA Corporation(2174)
Analyst report(Shared Research) : Announces upward revision to earnings forecast and amendments to the terms of tender offer
8/31/2021 SWCC SHOWA HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.(5805)
Small Meeting for Institutional Investors / Q&A Session
8/31/2021 AEON DELIGHT CO.,LTD.(9787)
Analyst report(Shared Research) : Announces its plan to have the customer support center in its new head office (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) also serve as a crisis
8/26/2021 NS TOOL CO.,LTD.(6157)
Analyst report(Shared Research): Interview following the Announcement of Financial Results for Q1 FY03/22 [Report Update]
Analyst report(Shared Research): Interview following the Announcement of Financial Results for Q1 FY03/22 [Report Update]
8/10/2021 Earth Corporation(4985)
Analyst Report(Shared Research) : Released Q2 FY12/21 results
8/6/2021 KONDOTEC INC.(7438)
Analyst Report(Shared Research) : Released Q1 FY03/22 results
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : As a creative company that links agriculture and health, contribute to SDGs by growing the fruit and vegetable distribution business
7/16/2021 WATTS CO.,LTD.(2735)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: The 100-Yen shop business remains strong, with favorable sales and profits toward the full-year forecasts. Profitability continued to improve thanks to the strong sales of higher price products and improved its cost structure. Watts announced the conclusion of a letter of intent to acquire all shares of Ontsu F.RETAIL Co., Ltd., the fifth largest company in the industry.
Analyst report(KAsset): Gaining renewed recognition as an ESG company that helps extend the lives of houses
6/18/2021 Global Information,Inc.(4171)
Corporate Research Report (Alfinanz Co., Ltd.) June 18, 2021
6/16/2021 AXIS CO.,LTD.(4012)
[IR STREET REPORT] : Development support company that got listed in Sep. last year. To grow further through the needs for DX + expansion of the corporate group
5/24/2021 AnGes, Inc.(4563)
Analyst report(Shared Research): Interview following the Announcement of Financial Results for Q1 FY012/21 [Report Update]
4/12/2021 EPCO Co.,Ltd.(2311)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: Announced new medium-term management plan. To add high value to existing businesses with Construction DX, aiming for net sales of 10 billion yen and an ordinary profit margin of 20% in 2025! aiming for net sales of 10 billion yen and an ordinary profit margin of 20% in 2025!
3/31/2021 Sansei Landic Co.,Ltd(3277)
Analyst report(Sessa Partners) : A year greatly affected by COVID-19: Sales -1% and OP -55%. Aiming for positive growth in sales and profit for FY21/12.
3/2/2021 SBS Holdings,Inc(2384)
Results for the period ending December 2020 (2021.2.19) Q&A minutes
1/6/2021 Startia Holdings,Inc.(3393)
Analyst report(Walden Research Japan)
12/11/2020 MBK Co.,Ltd.(3121)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Pioneering company that promotes Japanese real estate tech through the blockchain technology and operation of the Estonian crypto-asset exchange
11/24/2020 ipet Holdings,Inc.(7339)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : No. 2 shares in the growing market. Promoting the SDGs for pets and people, aiming for long-term growth through organic growth and M&A.
11/12/2020 Estore Corporation(4304)
Analyst Report (Shared Research) : Released Q2 FY03/21 results
10/28/2020 Digital Information Technologies Corporation(3916)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: Achieved the mid-term management plan ahead of schedule! Launching new service for further growth
10/19/2020 First-corporation Inc.(1430)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Showed strong performance in Q1! Preparations for next year are also going well. Moving to a new stage of growth with new technologies!
9/25/2020 TAKASHO CO.,LTD.(7590)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: A leading company in the garden and exterior business demanded in post-COVID new normal world
12/12/2019 Startia Holdings,Inc.(3393)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: No. 1 manufacturer in Japan, leading the after-digital market with BowNow, a marketing automation tools
11/12/2019 Dream Incubator Inc.(4310)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: A consulting firm growing with two pillars: strategic consulting for large enterprises and investment and development of venture businesses
6/26/2019 YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP.(6240)
Analyst report(Media Life) : Despite the sluggish performance in the current fiscal year, expectations for new materials are rising.
5/10/2019 SOLXYZ Co.,Ltd.(4284)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : IT Solutions Company growing in the IT specialty fields through its group management
3/19/2019 Japan Property Management Center Co.,Ltd(3276)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Super-subleasing company with high ROE and high dividend payout ratio!
Analyst report(KAsset) : Leading termite control company contributing to maintenance and extension of housing lifetime
12/20/2018 JMC Corporation(5704)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : A hybrid manufacturer rapidly growing with the fusion of craftsmanship techniques and the cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printings!
10/23/2018 PCI Holdings,INC.(3918)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Strengths in embedded software for automobiles. Full-fledged expansion of the IoT/security field by making full use of M&A!
6/29/2018 inspec Inc.(6656)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : "Time has caught up with Inspec" - A sign of rapid growth in inspection equipment for flexible printed circuit boards (FCPs)
6/25/2018 BPLATS,Inc.(4381)
Analyst report(KAsset) : Provision of "Bplats", a platform for subscription-type businesses
9/11/2017 First-corporation Inc.(1430)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : A general contractor specialized in condominium, growing rapidly with the "Zouchu" method. In the 3-year plan "Innovation 2017", the company plans to build a foundation for constructing 2,000 units per year
8/24/2017 YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP.(6240)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : FY2017 Q1 showed a strong performance: To the expansion and re-growth stage from the recovery stage
7/4/2017 GLOME Holdings,Inc.(8938)
Analyst report(K Asset) : Business expanding soundly and charm in investing in "buying REIT before it goes public"
6/7/2017 Lib Work Co.,Ltd.(1431)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Overwhelming Strengths in Customer Attraction on the Web. Steadily Growing in the Kumamoto Home Region through its IT Strategy!
5/22/2017 Akatsuki Corp.(8737)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Advancing into the existing housing revitalization market. Expanding the corporate value with a business plan that conforms to national policy.
3/13/2017 Sansei Landic Co.,Ltd(3277)
Analyst report(K Asset) : To grow steadily while flexibly responding to changes in the procurement environment
11/17/2016 SOLXYZ Co.,Ltd.(4284)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Promoting Cloud, IoT Solutions Based on System Integration for the Finance Industry