Analyst Reports

DateCompany nameAnalyst Reports
1/20/2020 AEON DELIGHT CO.,LTD.(9787)
Analyst report(Shared Research) : Interview following the Announcement of Financial Results for Q3 FY02/20[Report Update]
1/15/2020 IGNIS LTD.(3689)
Analyst report(Shared Research): Interview following the Announcement of Financial Results for full-year FY09/19 [Report Update]
1/14/2020 Startia Holdings,Inc.(3393)
Analyst report(Walden Research Japan)
12/23/2019 YUMESHIN HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.(2362)
Analyst report(Shared Research): Interview following the Announcement of Financial Results for full-year FY09/19 [Report Update]
12/6/2019 GCA Corporation(2174)
Analyst report(Shared Research) : Interview following the Announcement of Financial Results for Q3 FY12/19[Report Update]
11/20/2019 NS TOOL CO.,LTD.(6157)
Analyst report(Shared Research): Interview following the Announcement of Financial Results for Q2 FY03/20 [Report Update]
11/12/2019 Dream Incubator Inc.(4310)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: A consulting firm growing with two pillars: strategic consulting for large enterprises and investment and development of venture businesses
11/12/2019 SBS Holdings,Inc(2384)
Analyst report(Shared Research) : Released Q3 FY12/19 results
11/5/2019 WATTS CO.,LTD.(2735)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: Same-store sales were 99.7% YoY. Shop openings trend remains favorable, but profitability declined due to rising costs. Recorded an extraordinary loss due to liquidation and withdrawal from the lifestyle products business and overseas business. In the 100-Yen shop business, the Company aims to improve profitability with introducing higher price products.
11/1/2019 Infomart Corporation(2492)
Analyst report(Shared Research) : Released Q3 FY12/19 results
10/18/2019 Sansei Landic Co.,Ltd(3277)
Analyst report(Shared Research) : Specialist in leasehold land and old underutilized properties businesses; Enhances asset value through complex property rights realignment
9/13/2019 SBS Holdings,Inc(2384)
Q&As at Small Meeting for Institutional Investors on August 29
6/26/2019 YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP.(6240)
Analyst report(Media Life) : Despite the sluggish performance in the current fiscal year, expectations for new materials are rising.
5/10/2019 SOLXYZ Co.,Ltd.(4284)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : IT Solutions Company growing in the IT specialty fields through its group management
3/19/2019 Japan Property Management Center Co.,Ltd(3276)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Super-subleasing company with high ROE and high dividend payout ratio!
Analyst report(KAsset) : Leading termite control company contributing to maintenance and extension of housing lifetime
12/20/2018 JMC Corporation(5704)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : A hybrid manufacturer rapidly growing with the fusion of craftsmanship techniques and the cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printings!
11/9/2018 SWCC SHOWA HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.(5805)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Announced the medium-term management plan"Change SWCC2022".To become a growth company with the diversified management by its first female president!
10/23/2018 PCI Holdings,INC.(3918)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Strengths in embedded software for automobiles. Full-fledged expansion of the IoT/security field by making full use of M&A!
6/29/2018 inspec Inc.(6656)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : "Time has caught up with Inspec" - A sign of rapid growth in inspection equipment for flexible printed circuit boards (FCPs)
6/25/2018 BPLATS,Inc.(4381)
Analyst report(KAsset) : Provision of "Bplats", a platform for subscription-type businesses
3/27/2018 YUMESHIN HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.(2362)
H.S. Securities Report: Yumeshin Holdings Co., Ltd. (2362)
9/11/2017 First-corporation Inc.(1430)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : A general contractor specialized in condominium, growing rapidly with the "Zouchu" method. In the 3-year plan "Innovation 2017", the company plans to build a foundation for constructing 2,000 units per year
8/24/2017 YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP.(6240)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : FY2017 Q1 showed a strong performance: To the expansion and re-growth stage from the recovery stage
7/4/2017 GLOME Holdings,Inc.(8938)
Analyst report(K Asset) : Business expanding soundly and charm in investing in "buying REIT before it goes public"
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : In addition to achieving expansion in the existing business, aiming for further growth through new businesses as well as an increase in income from the positive impact of M&A activities
6/7/2017 Lib Work Co.,Ltd.(1431)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Overwhelming Strengths in Customer Attraction on the Web. Steadily Growing in the Kumamoto Home Region through its IT Strategy!
5/22/2017 Akatsuki Corp.(8737)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Advancing into the existing housing revitalization market. Expanding the corporate value with a business plan that conforms to national policy.
3/13/2017 Sansei Landic Co.,Ltd(3277)
Analyst report(K Asset) : To grow steadily while flexibly responding to changes in the procurement environment
11/17/2016 SOLXYZ Co.,Ltd.(4284)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Promoting Cloud, IoT Solutions Based on System Integration for the Finance Industry
7/5/2016 Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation(3837)
Analyst report(Prime Communications) : Make a leap as a general engineering company breaking new ground into the future through IoT
7/5/2016 e'grand Co.,Ltd(3294)
[ IR STREET REPORT ]: Continued growth in the remodeling business for secondhand houses and apartments in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Kansai area, where the demand is strong
Analyst report(Shigyo Shien Kiko) : Growing steadily as the leading company in the termite control services
6/13/2016 INTRANCE CO.,LTD.(3237)
Analyst report(Shigyo Shien Kiko) : Aiming for growth with a unique real estate revitalization business backed by planning and development expertise
6/8/2016 Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation(3837)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Achieved the record-high sales and income / "IoT" as an new theme for the mid-term plan
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : A world-leading fabless manufacturer of small and power saving power supply ICs, playing a key role in the industry 4.0
2/13/2016 INTRANCE CO.,LTD.(3237)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Revision to Earnings Forecasts - Change of Style towards Reducing Risk and Securing High Levels of Earnings! -
2/4/2016 YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP.(6240)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Customers' inventory adjustments appear to be nearing completion. The results seem to be bottoming out with the addition of new channels
1/5/2016 ADVAN Co.,Ltd.(7463)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Building material maker providing high quality products on a global standard level -Continuous growth derived from high profitable operation through unique supply chain-
7/2/2015 INTRANCE CO.,LTD.(3237)
Analyst report(Prime Communications) : Grow with unique real estate revitalization business based on planning and development ability
6/12/2015 Ferrotec Holdings Corporation(6890)
[ IR STREET REPORT ] : Sales increased significantly. Aim for further expansion to new fields with its advanced technology
5/8/2015 HOTLAND Co., Ltd.(3196)
Analyst report(K Asset): Takoyaki goes global - A fast expanding chain of snack eateries-