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Schedule for Analyst Meeting Date

Last updated。ァ09/15/2017

DateCodeCompany nameIndustrial CategoryFiscal year EndNote
10/04/20174745Tokyo Individualized Educational InstituteServicesFeb2Q Results
10/10/20171430First-corporationConstructionMay1Q Results
10/10/20176048DesignOne JapanServicesAugFull year Results
10/11/20174760ALPHAServicesAugFull year Results
10/12/20172735WATTSRetail TradeAugFull year Results
10/12/20179740CENTRAL SECURITY PATROLSServicesFeb2Q Results
10/13/20172404TETSUJINServicesAugFull year Results
10/13/20173030HUBRetail TradeFeb2Q Results
10/13/20177610TAY TWORetail TradeFeb2Q Results

DateCodeCompany nameIndustrial CategoryFiscal year EndNote
09/14/20174287JustplanningInformation & CommunicationJan2Q Results
09/14/20178925ARDEPROReal EstateJulFull year Results
09/08/20176656inspecElectric AppliancesApr1Q Results

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